SAP is the world's leading ERP platform. The Microsoft Cloud Platform is the world's most trusted and comprehensive cloud platform. Although both platforms are powerful on their own, they're even better whenever they come together to build more productive SAP solutions.

Why SAP & Microsoft?

Imagine your enterprise IT landscape as a body. In this scenario, SAP ERP systems are like the central nervous system, coordinating all the key business processes and data flows to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Although SAP performs its job very well, it has a somewhat limited reach. To fully maximize its potential, we need to integrate it with the rest of the IT landscape so that users have frictionless access to the data and functions they need to streamline processes and focus on their highest value work.

By pairing SAP with Microsoft Azure and the Power Platform, we can help you combine the rich functionality of SAP ERP with the world's most complete low-code innovation platform (Power Platform) and collaboration platform (Microsoft 365). Besides pushing the envelope in terms of innovation, this approach enables you to accomplish so much more with fewer resources than ever before.

SAP Hearts Microsoft

Extending the Reach of Your SAP Systems

Using the latest technology innovations from Microsoft, we can help you extend the reach of your SAP systems to streamline processes and refresh user experiences. Check out the video below to see how this approach was used to completely revolutionize the customer service process for a utility customer running SAP ECC.

Multi-Cloud Support with SAP BTP

Whether you're running your SAP workloads in the cloud with SAP on Azure or in a traditional on-premises data center, Microsoft makes it easy to pick and choose where you want to innovate with Microsoft technology. Our team of technical and solution architects can guide you through this process and help you build an innovation roadmap. Plus, we literally wrote the book on SAP BTP, so we're uniquely positioned to guide you through the multi-cloud maze with Azure and SAP BTP.

Multi-Cloud Solutions with Azure and SAP BTP
Multi-Cloud Solutions on Azure & SAP BTP

Key Capabilities

Modern UX

Modern User Experience

Power Apps offers modern and responsive user experience (UX) features, ensuring that your SAP applications are both visually appealing and easy to use across device types.

Workflow Automation

Power Apps Templates

We use Power Automate to seamlessly automate SAP tasks and streamline your business processes from start to finish, ensuring efficiency and consistency in day-to-day operations.

Data Analysis

Power Apps Advanced Controls

We use Microsoft Fabric and Power BI to harness the power of AI to deeply analyze your SAP (and non-SAP) data and uncover insights that empower you to make data-driven business decisions.



With over 1,100 connectors available out of the box and support for custom connectors, we can integrate SAP with just about any system imaginable.

AI Integration

Power Apps AI Builder

Building on AI Builder and Azure AI Services, we can incorporate advanced AI capabilities such as invoice processing (OCR) and text translation into SAP app experiences.

Microsoft Copilot

Power Apps Copilot

We leverage Microsoft Copilot technology to empower users to effortlessly use natural language for querying complex questions in SAP, simplifying the process of uncovering deep insights and answers.

Practical Business Cases

  • One-App Experiences

    Streamline business processes by integrating functionality from multiple systems such as SAP and Salesforce.

  • Mobile Apps

    Deliver work into the hands of the right people at the right time.

  • Microsoft Teams Apps

    Save time by integrating apps directly into Teams so they have functionality right there at their fingertips.

  • Ad Hoc Workflows

    Automate common processes and eliminate repetitive data entry tasks.

  • Reports & Dashboards

    Simplify and refresh user experiences to streamline processes and reduce training costs.

  • AI & Machine Learning Solutions

    Harness the power of AI and machine learning to inject intelligence into your business systems.

  • Systems Integration

    Seamlessly and securely integrate your cloud and on-premise business systems.

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