Do any of the following statements describe your current ERP situation?

Our ERP system is really antiquated and lacks modern features.

We don't touch the system because we're afraid we'll break it.

The system is non-intuitive and very difficult to use.

It takes a long time to train new users on the system.

We've created manual workarounds for functionality gaps.

The system doesn't help us make faster or better business decisions.

Our ERP system is no longer supported by the vendor.

It costs a lot of money just to keep the lights on with our ERP system.

Modern ERP Solutions That Drive Efficiency

Many of our clients say that their current ERP systems are really just expensive record-keeping systems. Although these systems log numerous transactions, the real work is happening outside the system (e.g., phone calls, emails, Excel, or just jotting things down on paper). Our goal is to fix that. We take a holistic approach to ERP solution design that focuses on enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the system to modernize, refresh, and optimize user experiences so that your ERP system plays an active role in improving the efficiency of day-to-day operations.

Intelligent ERP
Intelligent ERP

Harness the power of modern AI technology to streamline processes, get insights quickly, and react faster.

Modern UX
Modern UX

Delight users with an intuitive, mobile-friendly user experience that's tailored to support all user types.

Cloud Scalability
Cloud Scale

Utilize cloud technology to extend the reach of your ERP system, improve flexibility, and reduce operating costs.

Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity

Put your ERP system to work managing repetitive tasks and free your team up to focus on their highest value work.

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Right-Sized ERP Solutions for Your Business



Whether you're on the latest and greatest with S/4 or running legacy ECC, we can fine-tune each module of your system to streamline process flows, simplify user experiences, and enhance overall efficiency.

Review Service Proposal

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

We help customers renovate and expand their ERP footprint using a Composable ERP strategy that builds on the modular design of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Turn on the Lighthouse

Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you're a small or mid-sized business, or looking to re-platform your legacy ERP system, we can get you up and running quickly with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Our Pragmatic Approach

ERP System Design

Step 1 Design

Our team of business analysts, solution architects, and designers conduct process analysis workshops to collect system requirements. Then, the team constructs a comprehensive project plan to build/renovate your ERP system.

ERP System Implementation

Step 2 Implement

Our project implementation team leads the charge to install, configure, and customize your ERP system. In parallel, our change management team designs and executes a detailed cutover plan that ensures a smooth handoff to the business.

ERP System Support

Step 3 Support

Once your new ERP system is up and running, we provide continued support to ensure uninterrupted business value. Our unique approach results in dependable solutions that can grow with your business and reduce your TCO.

Next-Level ERP Solutions

  • UX Modernization

    Simplify and refresh user experiences to streamline processes and reduce training costs.

  • ERP Extensions

    Build tailor-made extension apps to fill in process gaps or create competitive advantages.

  • Process Management

    Optimize business processes and track key performance metrics across departments.

  • Systems Integration

    Streamline internal and external business processes to improve data quality.

TestimonialsWhat Our Clients Are Saying

We were looking for a partner, not just a developer body shop. Bowdark truly listened to our needs, brought a team with the right mix of technical skills, and stayed flexible as requirements matured. They always looked out for our best interest and produced solutions that fit our work practices.

Image of Ken Wolfe
Ken Wolfe, Vinson Process Controls

Working with Bowdark is always a seamless, easy experience. The team has been extremely professional, reliable and thorough in every aspect of the projects with Devon. Their knowledge and skill level is exceptional and they stay on the cutting edge of technology. I would highly recommend Bowdark as a partner on any project!

Image of Becky Biggs
Becky Biggs, Devon Energy

We engaged Bowdark to help us get started with SAP Fiori Cloud. Their expertise helped us stand up SAP Fiori Cloud very quickly as they delivered an excellent suite of apps to streamline our indirect procurement processes. ... I would highly recommend them as a valued partner.

Image of Jeffrey Dolph
Jeffrey Dolph, Lawson Products

Typically, you must choose from two of the following from any contractor: responsiveness, competence, and fair pricing. Bowdark excels in all three areas.

Image of Bill Benton
Bill Benton, GAINSystems

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