Field Service Solutions

Field Service

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to field service. At Bowdark, we focus on providing the right solution for yourbusiness. Sometimes that means standalone Dynamics 365 Field Service, other times it may mean fully integrated SAP ERP and SAP Field Service Management. If Dynamics is your route, we also charge up 365 Project Operations to support advanced project management activities in the field.

Key Capabilities
D365 Field Service
D365 Project Operations

Self-Service Portals

Business partners like customers and vendors always benefit from real-time interaction with your systems. Give them the tools to view work order status, schedule services, report outages, and more. What may have taken a chain of phone calls or faxes in the past can now present right to the people who need to interact with your systems.

Key Capabilities
Power Pages Portals
Multi-Cloud Solutions
SAP Cloud Portal
SAP Integration Suite

Mobility Solutions

We run the full spectrum of offline-capable mobile development - from lightweight Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to commercial-grade native applications. Securely connect backend ERP and specialty systems to mobile apps. Bring up-to-date information to the right people at the right time. We get you running quickly, especially on Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile.

Key Capabilities
Progressive Web Apps
Power Apps
SAP Mobile Services

Automated Scheduling

There's so much AI power available in Microsoft Azure. At Bowdark, we take that power and direct it toward tough problems, like automated scheduling. With cloud workflows, the process can be distributed amongst SAP ERP, LMS, operator qualification tracking, HR, and field service systems. We help you ensure the right technician is scheduled for the right job.

Key Capabilities
Azure Machine Learning
Azure Cognitive Services

Remote Collaboration & IoT

We help you monitor devices in the field and automatically trigger workflow processes based on anomalies - in real time. It's not just about reacting to events, either; take a proactive approach with preventive maintenance. For tough issues, use Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and keep experts connected with one another in real-time.

Key Capabilities
Teams Extension Apps
D365 Remote Assist
Azure Event Hubs
Azure IoT
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