Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service Systems

Whether you need a brand new customer service system or just want to modernize or extend the reach of your existing one, we've got you covered. We have extensive experience tailoring Dynamics 365 and SAP customer service solutions to provide superior customer service experiences.

Key Capabilities
D365 Customer Service
Digital Contact Center
ERP Integration
D65 Customer Insights

Self-Service Portals

Customers always benefit from real-time interaction with your systems. Give them the tools to view work order status, schedule services, report outages, and more. What may have taken a chain of phone calls or faxes in the past can now present right to the people who need to interact with your systems.

Key Capabilities
Power Pages
Multi-Cloud Solutions
SAP Cloud Portal
SAP Integration Suite

Advanced Collaboration Tools

Connect your technicians with experts in real time with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist. Collaborate with colleagues on support requests using Microsoft Teams.

Key Capabilities
Dy365 Remote Assist
Sentiment Analysis
MS Teams Extension Apps
Office 365 Add-Ins

Analytics Solutions

Monitor KPIs and track customer satisfaction - both inside the system and online using social media channels. Identify bottlenecks and improve customer service.

Key Capabilities
D365 Customer Insights
Azure Cognitive Services
Azure Machine Learning
Power BI
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