Microsoft Azure is the world's most comprehensive cloud platform, providing all the computing power, tools, and services that modern businesses need to work more efficiently and securely. By harnessing the advanced capabilities of Azure, we're able to remove barriers to innovation and rapidly deliver solutions that provide immediate value to your business.

Why Cloud?

Customers frequently ask us why we recommend innovating in the cloud. Although there are many compelling reasons for moving to the cloud, the simple answer to this question is agility. With instant access to unlimited resources, it's easy to spin up new projects and get up and running quickly. Plus, with hybrid integration capabilities, we're able to securely innovate around the edges by building on top of even the oldest of legacy business systems.

As you can see in the figure below, the further we move up the cloud innovation stack, the more agility we're able to unlock. The bottom line for you as a customer is that you see a much faster return on investment. While traditional development projects don't see the light of day in production for months, we're able to deliver valuable solutions into the hands of the business within a matter of weeks.

Benefits of Building Solutions in the Cloud

Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure is the backbone for numerous widely-used apps within the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem including Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365), Teams, and Dynamics 365. By providing robust and scalable cloud infrastructure, Azure ensures that these applications run efficiently, offering high availability and performance to users globally. This seamless integration with other Microsoft services creates many opportunities for enhanced user experiences. Although we have experience working with other cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we recommend that our customers build solutions on Azure because we believe it offers the most value to our customers.

Microsoft Cloud Platform

Powerful Alone. Better Together.

  • Infrastructure: From virtual machines (VMs) and Kubernetes container management to backing resources like Azure Blob Storage, Azure SQL and Cosmos DB, Azure provides a one-stop shop for any technical infrastructure resources a project might need.
  • Digital & App Innovation: Azure provides a wide variety of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) services that can be used to rapidly develop custom business solutions that can scale with your business.
  • Data & AI: Azure offers a variety of best-in-class data, AI, and machine learning services as part of Microsoft Fabric and the Intelligent Data Platform. These services can be used to unlock your data and uncover hidden insights like never before.
  • Business Applications: Since Microsoft Azure hosts business apps such as Dynamics 365, it's ideally suited for building extension apps, line of business apps, and custom business apps to give your business a competitive edge.
  • Modern Work: As the host for Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Viva, Azure is also an excellent place to build modern workplace solutions. With Azure, we can level up user experiences by interconnecting systems, integrating custom AI-based copilot solutions, and even unlock multichannel access using Azure Communication Services.
  • Security: From a security perspective, Azure meets some of the highest global and industry-specific security standards, so you can rest assured that your data and applications are safe and secure.

Key Capabilities

Consumption-Based Pricing

Consumption-Based Pricing

With serverless compute and flexible PaaS services, we can scale solutions so that you only pay for the compute resources you actually use.

Scalable App Hosting

Scalable App Hosting

With App Service, we can build and host mission critical web and mobile apps that can scale to manage even the heaviest workloads.

AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Create revolutionary new user experiences using best-in-class AI and machine learning technology services.

Intelligent Data Platform

Intelligent Data Platform

With Microsoft Fabric, we can help you unlock your data to uncover hidden insights and empower your team to make informed, data-driven solutions.

Hybrid Integration

Hybrid Integration

Whether you're established in the cloud or just getting started, we can seamless and securely integrate your cloud and on-premises business systems.

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Harness the power of Azure IoT services and machine learning to streamline field operations and move towards a proactive support model.

Practical Business Cases

  • Web & Mobile Apps

    Extend the reach of backend systems and create powerful new user experiences for frontline workers.

  • High-Performance Apps

    Build high-performance solutions that can handle the heaviest workloads on a global scale.

  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    Innovate around the edges with legacy business systems running in on-premise data centers.

  • Systems Integration

    Seamlessly and securely integrate your cloud and on-premise business systems.

  • AI & Machine Learning Solutions

    Harness the power of AI and machine learning to inject intelligence into your business systems.

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