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Bowdark Consulting, Inc. was founded to produce innovative and impactful software solutions that solve real-world problems for businesses. To realize this vision, we’ve assembled a team of top-notch consultants with proven experience and a passion for delivering the best possible solutions for our customers.

When we engage with you as a customer, our approach is to understand your problems inside and out so that we can work together to develop the right solution. The “right solution” may not require a lengthy/costly development project. Drawing on our vast experience, we’re oftentimes able to identify creative solutions that leverage software assets available either in-house or in the ever-expanding world of cloud-based microservices.

We have a reputation for coming up with simple, elegant solutions that combine technologies in different ways than clients are accustomed to seeing. Regardless of the direction the project goes, our focus remains on directing our collective energy towards giving you the most value for your investment.

We set very high goals for ourselves in terms of quality. Our goal is to deliver reusable and timeless software assets that you can leverage/expand upon over time to maximize your ROI. Using industry best practices/ design patterns, we believe that such quality can be achieved without costing a fortune or taking forever to implement.

If you’re looking to find a consulting partner you can trust, we think you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Bowdark, we look forward to working with you.

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